Cooking Pot

None-stick pot

Before now, I never belived there is a pot that can never brun food until I met “Mr Non-stick Pot”

The most important feature of the pot in my opinion is the rubber handles on both sides of the pot. This makes it easy to bring down the hot pot from the cooker. There is also another handle on top of the pot cover that is carefully covered with an insulating material that doesn’t let heat pass through it. This makes it easy to lift the pot lid if need be. This pot also has a transparent lid, this lid helps one check the contents of the pot even without lifting the lid. The top part of the pot is slightly pointed. This makes it easier to pot out liquid from it without spiling it. I also love the design on the back of the pot. It is artistic and also plays a dual role of making the stains on the pot difficult to notice.

Looking closely inside the pot, you’ll find out that it is a little coarse. This increases the friction between the pot and the food inside it which in turn makes it pot not slippery. This makes it easier to dish food from it. The metal used in making the body of the pot makes it difficult to burn food. One time I left food on fire for too long, the pot made a little firewall underneath preventing the heat from entering further. This prevented the food from burning.