Standard Paper Clip

The Standard Paperclip

I specifiaclly chose this object because of its simplicity as well as the fuctionally in all its little parts. In my opinoin this product can pass for the best design of all times.

A paperclip can hold up to 20 sheets of paper at once making it very useful and economical. This also means that a lot can be done with just one pack of paper clips. Comparing this design of paperclip to other types of paper clips, you will find out that this one poses to be the simplest to use. It doesn’t puncture the papers, unlike some other designs. It is designed in such a way that there is enough friction to hold the papers together but not so much to tear the sheets. it is also very easy to open and uses the least amount of wire.

Small and Simple

Can hold Many Papers

Has Alternative Uses

Apart from holding papers, the paper clip can also be used to remove the sim card from a phone when bent. Its fantastic elasticity makes it’s easy to be bent back into shape afterwards. This particular design of Paperclips I bought for WHSmith, has colours on it and I think it’s a very lovely Idea. The colour codes can be used to arrange sheets of paper that have the same category. Another important reason why I feel the design of this paperclip is very fantastic is because of its size. A Pack of paper clips containing about 80 paper clips can easily be kept on an office table without making a mess.

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